Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Day! Today was gorgeous outside. It has been so cold the last couple of days, so today when I left work, I couldn't believe how nice it was. My car said it was sixty-eight degrees:) I wish we could pause the weather for a bit...the trees are so pretty and colorful, and I just don't know if I'm ready for the cold of weather. Oh well, I guess it comes and goes, so I should enjoy days like this when they happen, and remember them when it's freezing outside! I need to upload some pictures, but I keep finding other things to do. I did take some fall shots today because the leaves are falling so rapidly that I'm afraid there aren't many days left when the colors will show. Hope everyone else was able to enjoy a bit of the great outdoors this afternoon!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy..

is all I can say. This time of year is soooo hectic, especially this year for some reason. I have parent/teacher conferences this week....every afternoon until five, then Thursday until 6:00. Kids are there until noon on Friday, so I am certainly looking forward to that. It seems like I have so much to post, but life keeps getting in the way!

I have been finding myself being very negative lately, so I think it's time for a thankful post. So here goes:

Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For TODAY!
Cell means I can communicate with everyone who is far away.
Barkley...I saw him today and it made me smile...a lot:)
Forgiveness brings peace to me for some reason.
A parent who told me how much she appreciated me and how much her daugher loves school...

It's always nice to remember the things that make you smile. In this season of change in my life, I find myself having to constantly remember how blessed I am and how very much I have to be thankful for:)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Remember The Little Things:)

I am posting this picture mostly because I needed to see it. It helps me breathe easier...and remember times of relaxation, enjoyment, and peace:) I hope everyone else experiences that when they see it too...Mostly, I hope you are having a good week. This is my Wednesday "pick-me-up". It reminds me to S-T-O-P!!! Life isn't about running, it's about stopping and enjoying the little things that make you feel good. For me, a sunset on the water is one of those little things.