Thursday, December 27, 2007


that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families! I know I have certainly been enjoying my time here. I came in on Sunday evening, and am planning to be here until this Saturday night or Sunday morning...still undecided. But it has been nice to actually have time while I am here. My trips are usually so rushed...only two or three days long. So this has been so much nicer...sleeping in...hanging around the house...watching television...making cards...playing on the computer...just having a nice time with my nieces and nephew. Only one bad thing...I left my charger for my camera battery at home. Really frustrated about this...not only can I not load pics on my computer, but I can't take any pics either. So I think I may have to add a charger to my list for tomorrow. My mom and I are shopping tomorrow, and I think I am going to have to give in and buy it. Well...guess that's it around the way it snowed all morning, and we had a white day after Christmas. It really was beautiful!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's icing outside...

and i'm just chilling with the doggies:) Supposed to be heading to Oklahoma in the morning. But this weather is making me nervous. Part of me would love to wake up to snow at the lake...just because I've never seen it here before and I know it is probably beautiful. However, I need to get home tomorrow. My plan is to head out in the morning, and return next Sunday morning. I guess it really isn't in my control at this point. But I must say that I am soooooooooo enjoying my time off right now, and I love having cute little Barkley curled up in my lap. He has turned into a complete lap dog, and it is so cute. Harley is all curled up between two pillows. I have also enjoyed just being at the lake for a few days of down time...........MUCH needed. If it weren't so cold and icy outside, I would run out to my car and grab the cord so that I could post some pictures. I took pictures of the dogs earlier with the flash off and them just totally curled up and relaxing. Definitely a snapshot of the moment...hopefully i'll get pics posted this week when i'm in Oklahoma. I still can't believe it's Christmas..............

Friday, December 21, 2007

Is it really...

Christmas? Already? I guess it just doesn't seem possible to me. I had not even bought one, yes, I said one Christmas present until today! I shopped in Branson...couldn't believe how NOT crowded it was here! Everyone in Springfield was saying it was horrible there. I had no traffic, no lines, no crowds. At the outlet mall, I was actually able to just pull up to each store I wanted to go inside and park right in front! I have never had an easier day in Branson. I got all but two gifts finished. All but three are wrapped! Successful day!!! I hope everyone out there is getting everything they need to get done, done! Enjoy your family and friends! I'm getting back to my dogs. We're chilling at the lake!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I am breathing a sigh of relief! The Christmas program is over:) Today is the best Friday ever!!! I haven't had my breaks this week b/c we have had practice every morning during my break times. Two of my special class teachers wanted to make up their time with my kids. So today, I have FOUR breaks!!! My kids had pe at 9:30, music at 12:05, counselor at 12:35, and they are going to art at 1:40-for an hour:) This is a good day!!! I just wish it would warm up a little bit. However, I did get some UGG boots last night, and I am super excited about that. Of course I had to wear them today, and they are soooooooooooo warm and fuzzy!!! Hope everyone stays warm and has a good weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Program...

week drives me NUTS!!! We have our second grade program tonight at 7:00. We have had the second graders practicing at the high school from 8:30-11:00 for the past few days, and the kids are stressed, teachers are stressed, and it's just no fun! I can't wait for it to be over with tonight. I have missed my breaks for three days in a row, so that is probably why I feel like I might strangle these kids!!! I need a break away from a HUGE way! Besides that, they are crazy with Christmas right around the corner. Anyways...other than that I guess things are good. I am ready for break! I don't know my Christmas plans for sure...but I do know that I'm ready for a break from work, life, etc....hope everyone else is doing well, and that those of you who were in the terrible ice storm have power again! I promise one of these days I will post new pics...just been busy! Happy Thursday!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


it is cold outside today! I am not a fan of the cold-at all! So this is not the bestday for me. It is just too cold:)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Sooner Christmas Carol

So, I already posted about our big win, but a friend emailed me this and I couldn't resist. It is long, but it's pretty funny:) (at least it's funny to a Sooner)

'Twas the night before the Big XII and all through the land,
not a Tiger was stirring, not even the band.

Their Jockeys were hung by the locker with care,
in hopes that the Sooners soon would be there.

Truman was nestled all snug in his bed,
while visions of the BCS danced in his head.

And Pinkel in his kerchief full of Tiger pride,
and Bob and the Sooners ready to ride.

When down in San Antone there arose such a clatter,
Chase sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

He realized the Option was gone in a flash,
and Maclin's dreams of running had just been dashed.

The Tiger tight ends trembled as they watched the show,
A Crimson and Cream luster set the horizon aglow.

When what to their wondering eyes should they find,
but a miniature Schooner, seven National Titles behind.

With a wizened old driver, skilled in leading his troops,
they knew in a moment it must be Bob Stoops.

More rapid than Temple his players they came,
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name.

"On Bradford, on Joe John, now Patrick and Murray!
On Chris Brown! On Iglesias! On Hartley and Kelly!

To the top of the conference! To the top of it all!
Now dash their hopes! Dash their dreams! Dash away all!"

And then in a twinkling, the Tigers fought back a scream,
and Chase saw the last of his Heisman trophy dream.

defense drew in their breath and looked all around,
and realized that their "Pig" was nowhere to be found.

Bob's eyes how they twinkled, his coaches how merry!
As they carried on the legacy left them by Barry.

Gary's sad little face and a fear in his belly,
he shook on the field as his knees turned to jelly.

Pinkel spoke not a word, and the ball they couldn't carry,
Stoops filled up the scoreboard and then turned to Gary.

And laying his hand on the shoulder of his friend,
he gave Pinkel a nod and said, "Like Norman again."

Bob sprang to the Schooner, to his team gave a shout,
to the BCS they flew and left Mizzou down and out.

And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"Boomer Sooner to All and to All a Good Night!"

Boomer Sooner!!!!

I am soooo excited about our big win...especially because I live in Missouri:) Most everyone around was cheering for the Tigers, so that made it a lot more fun! I knew we would win, and thank goodness we did, otherwise, I might not be able to survive all the comments people would be making. I am always saying stuff to co-workers and friends about my team. They would never let me live it down if they had won that to everyone out there...BOOMER SOONER:):):):):):)